Monday, May 17, 2010

The Real World- Ready Or Not Here I Come!!

Hey eveyone its me Damien Holt aka DH. Sorry that I have not been on here for a while due to school finals. But the good news is that I passed all my finals and graduated this past Saturday!! I'm finally done with college which is excited!!! Now i'm totally ready for summer.... Since I graduated from college now I am ready for the real world. Even though I have been experienced in the real world since I was 19 I am prepared for anything comes to me this way since I am now out of college. I just graduated from the University of Oklahoma, Boomer Sooner!! When I was younger I did not think I would graduate from college or past the age of 19. I am proud of being a Sooner even though there was a lot of controversy at my college, I still love it though. So now i'm getting prepared to work some prides and be ready to continue being in the adult industry. YES!!! LIFE IS GREAT!!
The return of Damien Holt is back in action this summer!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sizzle Sizzle My Nizzle. . . ;-)

Today's been another great gorgeous hunky day!

After class I picked up a voice mail from Paul with Sizzle Miami 2010 and he invited to come and be part of the show this year! This is my first Sizzle appearance! I've heard great things about the legendary Sizzle events and I am completely psyched up to go...go...go!!!

This is also my first ever time in Miami guys! So I am pretty excited on that alone. I already have started a list of 'must see scenes' I will like to scope out when I arrive. Though if you know about any underground or special 'must see' I oughta know, go 'head and drop me a line to let me know the 411& trust me, I'll letchu know when I learn more about my schedule and all the fun coming at SizzleMiami 2010, and beyond ;-)

And that was just a highlight of a few minutes before lunch!

Now I am off to biology class til Today we are turning in the seeds we nurtured this winter to adolescents. My baby corns died, my bean stalk has grown beautiful...

Have yourself a good gorgeous hunky day my nizzles :-)

I got to get ready for Sizzle & Study Hard ;-)


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Damien's first blog post!

Hey what's up everyone!! This is my first post and I admit, I am pretty excited about this!! Here I'll keep everyone posted on my life living as Damien Holt and write my feelings to share as it feels good with others. Since I began performing in adult films during sophomore year in college, I have answered a lot of questions on people who seem to want to know more about me, who appear to want to get to know me better. . . In the processes of answering those questions, I actually learned a lot more about myself and my sexuality. To these ends, I hope this blog here can help everyone, including myself share in exploring our individual and collective sexualities together. I will continue to post video clips and perform live web shows on my new website proper  

I will see you there and here ;-)